Welcome to Everett Christopher Images

My name is Everett :) I photograph events, weddings, fashion, fine art portraits, headshots, and even dabble in some time-lapse photography. 

Everett Christopher Images serves as a central hub and portfolio repository for ALL of my work. I have links to my other photography branches listed here.

About Me Me, my son and the flying beaglesMe, my son and the flying beaglesMe, my son and the flying beagles

I started out photographing weddings and it has taught me nearly everything I know about photography. As a result, I can photograph anything in almost any environment. I love vibrant, bold, colorful, and exciting photography. I also love working with PhotoShop and Lightroom. I feel photography is an art, and in this digital age, software applications like PhotoShop and Lightroom are the tools digital artists like me use to make their art, plain and simple.

I value my customers and believe customer service is paramount in every business that exists. I work hard and communicate expectations, costs, and timeframes well. These things are what have made me very successful in my wedding photography business, and they also hold true for all my other photography clients.

My Brands

I provide niche photography services through a variety of unique brand identities:

Everett Christopher Images is where you'll find nearly all my photography portfolios, including general event photography, corporate event, nightlife, press kit, headshot photography, and more. It also serves as my central photography hub with links to my other photography brands, and serves as my parent identity.


Award-winning wedding photography since 2006 over at www.everettchristopher.com.


At www.syzygy.photo we work with talented makeup artists, hairstylists and models to produce amazing fine art portraiture.

Previous clients

Balcones Resources
Jeff Shore Marketing
The Hive
Study Breaks
University Estates
Longhorn Landings
Ocean Vida Bikinis
Evolve IP
Austin Young Chamber of Commerce
Rembrandt Financial Group


About Everett

Everett founded Everett Christopher Photography and began offering wedding photography services back in 2006. He quickly gained a reputation for high-quality, dynamic work and his business flourished and continues to gain popularity today. Everett Christopher Photography continues to remain his "flagship" photography service through which he has learned not only the craft of photography but a strong passion for customer service. As time went on Everett saw opportunities to open additional photography brands to serve specific needs, and thus, the above brands developed over time. Everett is currently one of the most experienced photographers in Austin, with a strong reputation for vibrant, compelling imagery and fanatical customer service.